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Welcome to our Ranch........
We are a small family owned and operated horse ranch in Double Oak, Texas.  We began raising and breeding American Quarter Horses over 20 years ago.  It is our goal to breed quality horses that can perform with good minds and willing manners.  We purchased our breeding stock from long time cow horse breeders like the Cragos, Meyers and Lapkes in South Dakota and Iowa.  Our horses are nicely foundation bred and we train them using the natural horsemanship method.

 We believe horses should be fed as nature intended and the quality of hay is extremely important so we import our hay from Colorado.   We selected the farms we purchase from based on the quality and consistency of the hay.  We use the same farms ongoing because we can expect the highest quality with each load.  

When we first started bringing in this hay some folks heard about it and wanted to try it, so we sold a few bales here and there and soon we were getting orders from the equestrian centers and small farms in the area.  Word spread and we acquired quite a few clients who wanted the hay ongoing.    We were contacted by the folks at Budweiser and asked if we would provide hay for the Clydesdales whenever they were in town for special events.  All of our clients have been referrals, we don't advertise.  

It has been our goal to keep the business small so we can provide more personal client service.   We welcome visitors by appointment to the ranch to see our horses and hay.   We are Equine nutrition experts and can help you develop a healthy diet for your equine partner.  We are authorized dealers for TLC Animal Nutrition and ADM Alliance Nutrition.