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Horses need more than trace minerals in their diet, we recommend TLC's Performance Horse Max. 
A complete Vitamin/Mineral/Joint Support Product

We carry a full line of nutritional support products by
 TLC Animal Nutrition
Authorized Dealer

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Nutritional Support Products by TLC Animal Nutrition
     Support for:
*Calcium Deposits
*Fractures/Bone Chips
*Coffin Bone Degeneration or other bone trauma
A proprietary vitamin/mineral supplement which will
support blood flow and circulation.  
Proven results!
Flex Fuel    
     Anti-Inflammatory and joint lubrication
This product contains maximum levels of Glucosamine, MSM and Sodium Hyaluronate of any product on the market today.  
Proven Results!

Mega Hoof Complex

Support for slow growing or poor quality hooves.
A unique blend of zinc, copper, biotin, l-methionine and l-lysine (amino acids) designed to build strong, healthy hooves.  Shown to expedite hoof growth rate, strengthen the protein bonds which make the hoof stronger and harder while adding moisture and density to the hoof wall and sole.
Proven Results!