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Premium Blended & Fortified Feeds

Are you feeding your horse like a horse?  Forage First!
It's easy to get caught up in the equine feed industry hype, so many feeds all claiming to be the best.  So how do you choose the  right feed and feeding program for your horse?  There is no "one size"  feeding program, each horse is different and your feeding program should be based on your horse's body condition and general health.  The "Forage First" philosophy is simply this,  high quality forage should make up 90% of the horses diet as nature intended.  Then add a feed with the proper balance of vitamins and minerals based on your horses needs.  We recommend ADM SENIOR GLO.  A completely balanced feed  for all age horses and because it's concentrated, you feed less.   Feed along with an Alfalfa or Orchard mix hay and a complete vitamin/mineral supplement like Performance Horse Max by TLC Animal Nutrition for a balanced diet.  

We work to specialize a  healthy diets for horses recovering from Colic, other illness, surgery, obesity or malnutrition.     Our feeds are formulated with with low sugar/starch and contain no corn starch or grains so they will not complicate metabolic disorders.    Most commercial feeds on the market contain extremely high levels of sugar and starch which can interfere with the endocrine system by changing the stomach pH.  High sugar feeds can cause ulcers and they can also pass into the intestines undigested leading to colic and hindgut acidosis.  These are serious and life threatening conditions that can be prevented with a proper diet

Horses with EMS should not have ANY sugar/starch, we recommend Micronized beet pulp flakes, "SpeediBeet" by Emerald Valley Equine.  You mix it with warm water and it provides a complete and nutritious meal that is very palatable and highly digestible with no sugar/starch.  You can get this feed at D&L Farm and Home stores  

We have managed diets for horses with EMS and other metabolic disorders and can assist you in developing the best diet to keep your equine partner in top health.  Older horses and performance horses will benefit from joint and ligament support.  We recommend "Flex Fuel" by TLC Animal Nutrition for joint support.  It contains maximum levels of Glucosamine, MSM and Hyaluronic acid.  We also recommend "Equibone" by TLC Animal Nutrition for laminitis or horses recovering from fractures or other bone density disorders.  It is a proprietary blend of vitamins/minerals designed to increase blood flow and build bone density.  For all around health we recommend "Performance Horse Max" a complete joint/vitamin/mineral supplement.  See the Nutritional Support Products page for more information.
Horses with EMS or Cushings will benefit from the addition of Chaste Tree Berry powder to their diet.  It is a natural herbal supplement that allows the pituitary to thrive and perform properly by naturally maintaining dopamine levels in the blood.  It is safe for long term use and there are no known side effects.  Get it through DePaolo Equine 

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