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Premium Hay Sales                        "We feed what we sell"
We sell PREMIUM quality Alfalfa, Orchard, Alfalfa/Orchard Mix and Bermuda hays.   Our hays are grown by professional hay farmers in fertilized soils.   We have extremely high standards and are NOT hay brokers, we purchase from a few select farms so we can ensure the quality and consistency of each bale.  Alfalfa hay is the best all around diet, it is a coarse hay with natural vitamins, minerals & natural calcium and phosphorus which assists in digestion and helps to prevent colic. Protein levels vary by cutting and run between 18%-22%.    All our hay is completely tarped for shipping to protect it and we store our hay in a totally enclosed barn on pallets covered with tarps to prevent any moisture from reaching the bales.  Our hay barn is equipped with ceiling fans that run 24-7 to ensure air flow around the bales.  

The Orchard and Alfalfa/Orchard mix hay are also very nutritious with lots of vitamins/minerals and a more coarse consistency than coastal to encourage horses to eat more slowly.  Orchard/Timothy hays are a low protein grass hay that is suitable for horses who have suffered Colic or with EMS or renal problems.  

The coastal hay we sell is the nicest you can find in North Texas and received the "Grand Champion"
award at the Wise County Fair.  Coastal hay only contains 11%-12% protein based on soil conditions.  Coastal hay should not be fed to horses who have suffered Colic.   

Both the Orchard and Alfalfa/Orchard mix and Alfalfa hay will keep the horse fuller longer.  A horse should consume 2% of it's body weight in high quality forage daily.  We promote the  "Forage First" principle, 90% of a horses diet should come from high quality forage with the addition of balanced vitamins and minerals.  We specialize in equine nutrition and if you have a special needs horse, we can help you to formulate a diet that will keep them healthy and happy.  

"We feed what we sell.  Our horses are
healthy with good muscle mass, shiny coats
 and good feet.  We do not have digestive issues
 because we feed the best!"
Alfalfa Hay
Mix Hay
Colorado Alfalfa/Orchard Hay
3-String, 115 lbs.
Irrigated, Fertilized
Colorado Orchard Hay
3-String, 120 lbs.
Irrigated, Fertlized
Colorado Alfalfa Hay
3-String- 120 lbs.
Irrigated, Fertilized
Texas Coastal Bermuda Hay
2-String- 60 lbs.
Fertilized, Weed Free

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Afalfa/Orchard Hay